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Mechanical design services by TrayoTek allow you to enhance your capabilities at a reasonable cost and with little commitment. Our 3D modeling services is both cost-effective and efficient, cutting the time and expense of getting your product to market. With over a decade of expertise delivering 3D CAD modeling services to over 100 firms across the world, our mechanical design engineers offer the finest quality work while staying on budget and on schedule.

A mechanical engineer today has a wide range of tools at his or her disposal. Create 3D models that bring your concept to life, allowing you and others to see the product and allowing for quick prototyping. You may not have mechanical CAD modelling skills on hand as a firm owner or engineering manager due to constrained budgets. Fabricating prototypes by hand using a mill or lathe takes much too long and can be expensive if material and labor costs are taken into consideration. This is where TrayoTek comes in handy for all of your CAD modelling needs.

Our team of highly experienced design engineers conduct Casting Modeling, Solid Modeling, Surface Modeling, Assembly Modeling, Sheet Metal Modeling, Bill of Materials (BOM), and Aerodynamic Modeling. We can rapid prototype your components or give you detailed production-level drawings that can be configuration controlled for Quality Assurance and future Engineering Change Requests based on these models and BOMs (ECNs).

TrayoTek will considerably help you if you outsource your mechanical CAD modelling. You may anticipate the following when you use our Mechanical Engineering and Design services:

Our Mechanical Service Expertise

TrayoTek provides mechanical CAD design services to a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, naval, medical, general appliances, and consumer goods. The following are some of our areas of expertise:

Casting Modeling:

Prototype casting is a time-consuming and expensive procedure. Our skilled CAD engineers will quickly transform your ideas into 3D models. These models may be used to quickly build prototype castings, allowing you to start prototyping right away.

Solid Modeling:

Today, solid modelling is commonly used to create 3D solid part models, assemble parts to make assemblies, test interfaces, and eliminate part interference. Our team of experts is well-versed in all Solid Modeling software applications and will work with you to create and manage your designs.

Assembly Modeling:

Our team will make sure that the parts you design work in harmony with the rest of your assembly, checking for suitable tolerances and clearances throughout the manufacturing process and guaranteeing that components can articulate freely.

Sheet Metal Modeling:

Because a 3D enclosure must be created as a 2D part that is machined flat and then folded and welded into its final shape, Sheet Metal Modeling requires extra considerations while being manufactured. Sheet metal parts are light and inexpensive, but they can’t be made directly from a 3D model. Our team will provide accurate designs that can be produced by any sheet metal fabrication shop.

Surface Modeling:

We will create surface models that represent the appearance and meaning of your design for evaluation when simply the outward aspect is important. Look no farther if you want to transform your model into a visual prototype. We’ll walk you through the procedure step-by-step.

Aerodynamic Modeling

Our Aerodynamic 3D Modeling services may be used to generate 3D geometries, compute mechanical strains and stresses, and simulate fluid velocities, accelerations, and lift forces using our CAD and CFD expertise.

Bill Of Materials (BOM)

We will provide you with a detailed Bill of Materials (BOM) that describes all of the components and drawings included in your assembly, in addition to generating an assembly level model of your product or design. A bill of materials (BOM) is an essential tool for documenting and manufacturing your product, as well as for managing its lifespan.

3D CAD Modeling Services – CAD Engineer Engagement Models

TrayoTek provides a bunch of engagement models that may be modified to meet your project requirement. Whether your project is little or large, we have the experience and manpower to get it started right away. We offer per-hour pricing as well as fixed-price project costs for smaller tasks. We can provide dedicated full-time equivalents (FTE) at rates that promote efficiency for bigger projects. To learn more about our pricing options, contact us now.

Mechanical Quality Assurance

TrayoTek strives to be the best in the industry in terms of quality, turnaround, and pricing. TrayoTek prioritizes quality, and we will not rest until you are completely satisfied with our solution. We promise 100 percent client satisfaction by combining our speedy, on-time response times with the industry’s most competitive pricing.

Working with TrayoTek has numerous advantages.

  • TrayoTek engineers are skilled in conceptualizing the final product, its subassemblies, and related parts using CAD software. This assists in the development of product design quality, as well as improved design documentation with fewer drawing mistakes and readability.
  • We understand that structures, designs, and workflows are becoming very complicated, which has an impact on engineers and architects.
  • TrayoTek can isolate, analyse, test, approve, or change any individual component of a structure without affecting or changing the rest of the design. All of this occurs even before your product is ready to be manufactured.
  • TrayoTek’s expertise will assist you in obtaining more precision and control over your model. Each component of a machine, product, or structure is examined and measured separately. As a result, detailed modelling and designs are possible.
  • We repurposed our knowledge and expertise to quickly generate new designs for you, so you can manufacture models with confidence.
  • We design with an emphasis on safety, reliability, and usability because we understand the needs of our clients. We analyze, compare, and choose concepts for development. During new mechanical CAD modelling, we also assist in the creation, measurement, and evaluation of prototypes, as well as discovering and resolving design problems.

We excel in the following areas:

  • Engineers who are multi-skilled, qualified, and experienced.
  • Open to using a range of software and dealing with a variety of tasks.
  • The final product is of high quality and satisfies all of the requirements.
  • Dedicated system for quality control.
  • Promise reliable solution as per client requirement.
  • 3D parameter-based modelling, library and free-form surface modelling, 3D printing modelling, technical documentation, rendering, and animation are all technical skills.
CAD Modeling

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