Piping design & Drafting Services

Piping design & Drafting Services

Piping design & Drafting Services

TrayoTek’s key strength is piping system design engineering. Our PDMS designers can help companies that need pipe design support in the Aerospace, Construction, Mining, Naval, Municipality, and Power Generation industries. Our piping layout engineers use AutoCAD, PDMS, CAESAR II, and AFTIMPULSE tools to provide industrial pipe drawing and design.

TrayoTek meets flow rate, efficiency, and nozzle needs while conforming to standards and specifications, from 2D to 3D pipe designs through stress and flexibility assessments. Every pipe design adheres to international standards while reducing complexity and maintenance costs.

Piping design and drafting services, We offer

Our pipe support design services include our core expertise in the following areas: vacuum piping design, underground piping design, Piping and Routing, and more.

Piping Design Services

Initial and conceptual piping layout design, 2D and 3D drawing, conceptual routing, and pipe sizing are among our main services. High-flow systems for municipalities, buildings, and ships, as well as small pipe solutions for the biomedical sector, are among our specialties.

Piping Layout Drawings

We will take your conceptual layouts and create precise drawings to support your utility or plant layout, HVAC solution, or machinery design as your design partner.

Other Piping Design and Drafting Support

In addition to designs and drawings, we offer the following additional services:

  • 3D modeling of Equipment and Piping: We create 3D models to provide further insight into your piping design and to verify that your existing structures are seamlessly integrated.
  • Pipe Stress & Flexibility Analysis: Temperature, vibration, and stress are all factors that affect pipes and pipe networks. TrayoTek’s mechanical engineers examine your pipe network for safety, reliability, and the ability to manage worst-case situations.
  • Following the completion of your blueprints, our team can do a material take-off to identify which types and amounts of pipe are necessary depending on your design. We can provide Bills of Materials (BOMs) to support your design and link you with vendors of metal and plastic pipes, connectors, and other accessories.

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers provide the following services to help project teams evaluate, plan, and execute pipeline design and process engineering projects: Material Take Off for Piping Layout:

  • Specifications and Datasheets
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Material Handling Study and Reports
  • Static Equipment Design and Drawings
  • Assistance to Package Engineering

We excel in the following areas:

  • Engineers who are multi-skilled, qualified, and experienced.
  • Open to using a range of software and dealing with a variety of tasks.
  • The final product is of high quality and satisfies all of the requirements.
  • Dedicated system for quality control.
  • Promise reliable solutions as per client requirements.
  • 3D parameter-based modeling, library and free-form surface modeling, 3D printing modeling, technical documentation, rendering, and animation are all technical skills.

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