Product Design & Development Services

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Product Design & Development Services

TrayoTek’s team of highly experienced engineers has more than a decade of expertise in mechanical engineering, product design, and development. Our core cross-disciplinary, iterative design methodology is the key to our success. Simulations and prototypes are used early in the design process to ensure that concepts are implementable and meet product criteria. Our integrated design and development teams provide the greatest design quality and the quickest time to market due to their exceptional teamwork and efficiency. Our ideas and processes provide enormous value to goods in a variety of sectors, thanks to our breadth of experience across many verticals. Hundreds of companies around the world have entrusted TrayoTek with their product design and development requirements.

Expertise - Product Design and Development Process

TrayoTek provides Digital Prototyping, Product Design Rendering, and Product Design Analysis services to the communication media, consumer product manufacturing, defense, semiconductor, and transportation sectors. Product Development Consulting and testing services are provided by our expert team of Product Design Engineers and Industrial Product Designers for leading companies, service providers, and start-ups across the world.

  • Concept Design

Our team of Product Design Engineers will analyze and study your drawings, CAD files, drawings sketches, and other conceptual documentation in order to bring your ideas into action and enhance your design through comprehensive feedback and iterations.

  • Preliminary Designs:

Our Product Development Team will quickly create 3D models and images for your approval, as well as daily progress images, to help you develop quickly and iteratively.

  • Sample Prototyping

TrayoTek uses a variety of fast prototyping techniques, including 3D printing, to convert these thumbnail drafts into physical prototypes that can be checked for fit, design, and function.

  • Modeling and Detailing:

We provide design and rendering as well as animation of your design using Various Software.

  • FEA

CAE structural analysis, thermal analysis, and reliability prediction are all services provided by TrayoTek. Our team of expert Product Design Engineers will complete the required modeling to ensure a successful design and avoid unnecessary iterations.

  • Creation of Production Drawings:

Our Aerodynamic Modeling services may be used to generate 3D geometries, compute mechanical strains and stresses, and simulate fluid velocities, accelerations, and lift forces using our CAD and CFD expertise.

  • Digital Prototyping

TrayoTek provides Digital Prototyping services to the manufacturing unit, which includes all-in-one conceptual product design. Our team creates drawings and 3D concept models that allow you to practical experience the finished solution before it is manufactured. Before moving the design to manufacture, we create, visualize, and simulate items, validate actual manufacturability, and incorporate feedback.

TrayoTek’s Product Design & Development Benefits

  • For product design and development services, TrayoTek has formed truly multidisciplinary teams with experience in several industries. Our understanding of market trends and consumer expectations, along with our experience, establishes a critical link from concept to manufacturing.
  • TrayoTek can demonstrate how a product will feel and its appearance to clients since we understand the design principles from our years of experience working on comparable projects. Beyond virtual representation, our engineers create concepts. This allows us and you to go forward with ideas and put them into action before the design or product is completed.
  • When you work with TrayoTek, you get product designs that are market-ready straight away and have a better acceptance rate.
  • Our teams have a solid track record of having an instinctive enthusiasm for product design, a strong understanding of user-centered innovation, and hands-on expertise in producing things from idea to launch, whether they’re market-pull or technology-push products.
  • TrayoTek provides domain expertise across all engineering industry verticals, thanks to its unique experience in product design and development.
  • Ansys, CosmosWorks, Hyprmesh, LS-DYNA, and MSC Nastran, among others, are among the industry’s best FEA software and tools.

We excel in the following areas:

  • Engineers who are multi-skilled, qualified, and experienced.
  • Open to using a range of software and dealing with a variety of tasks.
  • The final product is of high quality and satisfies all of the requirements.
  • Dedicated system for quality control.
  • Promise reliable solutions as per client requirements.
  • 3D parameter-based modeling, library and free-form surface modeling, 3D printing modeling, technical documentation, rendering, and animation are all technical skills.

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