Professional 3D Printing Service

Using our 3D printing service, you will improve your company strategy and accelerate your creativity. Using our cutting-edge 3D printing technology, benefit from the experience of 3D printing pros and begin producing high-quality goods. Additive manufacturing, often known as 3D printing, is the technique of creating three-dimensional solid structures from a computer file. 

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Additive manufacturing technologies are used to create 3D printed objects. An object is built in an additive method by laying down successive layers of material until the product is complete. Each of these layers may be viewed as a cross-section of the item that has been finely sliced. The production process, which involves cutting or hollowing out a piece of metal or plastic with a machine tool, is the complete antithesis of 3D printing.

When compared to standard manufacturing methods, 3D printing allows us to create complicated shapes with less material.

Manufacturing of high Pressure water Triplex Plunger Pump.

Trayotek manufactures High pressure Triplex plunger for the various applications. Trayotek offers high pressure tube cleaning system and ultra high pressure water jetting system for evaporator tube cleaning, cleaning external surfaces, condenser tube cleaning, sewer jetting, wet sandblasting, Hydro Test, Tank cleaning, heat exchanger tube cleaning & various pipe cleaning applications. 

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