Reverse Engineering Services

Services in Reverse Engineering TrayoTek is a world leader in reverse engineering techniques and provides continuous support for new engineering product development projects from beginning to end. TrayoTek’s project teams can provide part customization, out-of-production replacement parts, casting mold, and other reverse engineering services. TrayoTek can create 3D models, 2D drawings, part scientific specifications, and other drafting services with professional drafters and the latest software packages, allowing for an integrated engineering package.

Reverse Engineering Services from TrayoTek

Our project team members are experts in their industries and have experience in a wide range of disciplines, including design validation and optimization, finite element analysis, and value engineering, to list a few. This flexible workforce enables us to support any industry with reverse engineering requirements. We support manufacturing operations with rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and other techniques. Our abilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Part 3D Scanning

We can take the entire product or parts of the product and create engineering design drawings using 3D scanning technologies. Our engineers recreate the parts as the first step of the reverse engineering process using technologies such as portable and fixed, CMM, 3D Laser, and CGI.

Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) and Computer Aided Verification (CAV)

After reverse engineering, our team will use CAI/CAV as final proof of work to verify that the recreated part fits the original. CA and CAV can identify any differences between the recreated part and the computer design or original part using 3D scanning technologies.

Detailed Part Specifications

Our team will do more than just create 3D drawings of key parts; they will also identify where those parts fit with commercially available or producible components. You can determine the exact way to create a product by defining exact requirements, such as nut and bolt measurements.

Drawing and Modeling Packages

Our reverse engineering teams are well enough in the relevant drawing and modelling software, as well as related modelling and drafting products, ensuring that we can create all technical drawings required for your reverse engineering project.

Parametric Modeling

A parametric model can capture the design intent of a product in the form of a 3D model, providing predictions for how the product will be impacted over its lifetime. Our team will create the perfect 3D model, but we can also use parametric modelling to improve the design.

Hybrid Surface Modeling

Our project teams use hybrid modelling, which is the technique of integrating scan references with perfect and idealized product geometry to improve accuracy and factor in intent while reducing the time and resources required for each model.

Our team of experts is proficient at providing high-quality services that are specifically customised to your needs. The following is a description of our reverse engineering process.

  1. The client’s specifications, requirement documents, and scope of work are evaluated.
  2. After the engineering feasibility research, we provide the client’s concept design prototypes for evaluation.
  3. Following the first scope of requirements and receiving additional feedback from the client on the concept
  4. Our engineering team creates the 3D design model based on the initial scope of requirements and additional input from the client on the concept design. We deliver the final 3D model of the product with the essential requirements for prototype and manufacturing.

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